Our Technical Expertise

Field Service
We offer immediate and planned long term field technical services. Our staff offers you options:

  • Shutdown calibration and field device installations.
  • New project loop checks, instrument and valve calibration, custom SS tubing runs.
  • DEQ / EPA / FDA third party accepted calibrations for food, influent / effluent flow meters as well as various emmission measurements.
  • Vacation and long term staffing assistance.
  • Scheduled periodic repeat technical calibrations.
  • Scott Safety fixed gas Field Service Center. Calibration of most styles of area gas sensor / systems and hand held personal monitors.
  • Krohne Factory Field Service Provider. Also calibrate Foxboro, Rosemount, E+H, Sparling and other meters.

In-House Service
We offer in-house bench calibration services for:

  • Pressure; Vac to 10,000 PSIG
  • Temperature; 32 to 1,200 degrees F.
  • pH / ORP / Conductivity hand held and bench meters
  • Many varities of flow meters
  • Valve, actuator and positioner calibrations and check out.
  • Fixed sensor and portable gas sensor repairs.