With over 45 years of combined experience, our staff of seasoned professional instrument technicaians have a broad understanding of troubleshooting new and old installations.

Puget Sound Energy - Longview, WA
Loop checks, calibrations and start-up assistance on plant construction and continuing annual instrument and valve calibrations.

SolarWorld - Hillsboro, OR
Instrument calibrations, pH/ORP and resistivity, shutdown assistance, pressure and diffrential pressure calibrations, Cl2, LEL and HCl gas sensor calibrations.

Pacific Foods - Tualatin, OR
Food grade instrument calibrations: pressure, temperature, flow, pH, conductivity, CIP and FDA equipment / recorders.
Old Pneumatic Panel (Before) -
- New Pneumatic Panel (After)
Start-ups and Shut-downs -
- Instrument Tubing Retrofits